A super clean, professional-looking start for CACM Accountants

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Another extremely quick turnaround. CACM Accountants launches with a satisfyingly clean and crisp design – built on a light CMS.


CACM Accountants is a brand new practice opened this month in the Atrium Business Centre, Blackpool, Cork by Carla Manning A.D.C.A C.P.A.

What we really liked about this project is the speed at which we were able to turnaround a simple, clean design built on top of a light Content Management System so easy to use almost no training is required before the client is stuck-in and tweaking the content and SEO for each webpage.

Nearly every web project starts with “I want something really simple…“! Much of the time, this encouraging opening is followed by a litany of feature requirements and marketing goals which would strain the ingenuity of the most resourceful web developer. In this case, however, Carla knew from the outset what she wanted – which made the design, build and deployment of this website an extremely satisfying exercise for us.

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Gerard Keohane
Gerard Keohane |