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Nerdyshirts is a successful online shop selling quirky t-shirts based in California. As a company that had a level of Magento prominence due to its inclusion as a test case in the first ever Magento webinar, we were delighted to take on the challenge of customising the look and feel of the shop.

First up was the homepage. Unlike many online shops, Nerdyshirts homepage is it’s direct point of sale. Many users may never browse the categories or other products, instead adding items to their shopping cart straight from the homepage. So, getting it right, was clearly important.

Nerdyshirts wanted a tiered list of all of the available t-shirts. Each week, new t-shirts would be made available, so a simple and as automated as possible a way to display both the current week’s and last week’s t-shirts at the top of the homepage was required. Following on from the newbies, the big boys, the bestsellers were to be shown. These were made configurable both in terms of the number to be displayed and also in terms of the timeframe over which they sold. Finally, all other t-shirts, not in the previous two categories, are displayed.

The other major piece of customisation was in the area of the checkout. Magento, by default, doesn’t provide a multipage checkout – something which early on in its development caused a lot of frustration amongst some users due to the complete dependence on javascript and AJAX for the onepage checkout. Magento, does, however, provide a multishipping checkout – which acts like a multipage checkout but allows you (or forces you to – depending on your point of view) to specify an address for each item in your cart. So rather than try to create a multipage checkout from scratch, we adapted the multishipping checkout to mimic the functionality of a multipage checkout.

Alan Morkan
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