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First of all, let’s get back to the founding principles: what was I looking for? As a matter of fact, during my research period, the question I had in mind was: do I prefer a technical internship or a more managerial one? After a long period of consideration, I finally came to the following conclusion: the most important thing was to improve my management skills, either team or project management, in the field. In fact, my technical skills (i.e. in my case, coding) can be improved along the way:  during my spare time for my personal projects – there are so many resources out there – as well as during the internship. Actually, I was convinced that if I proved to be proficient and tech-savvy, I would have more and more technical tasks given, besides my Project Management assignments – it was my plan.

Why StudioForty9?

Then, I would like to point out the fact that I was looking for a well-established startup or SME, and I was definitely against a big company in which I would have fewer responsibilities, and so do opportunities. That’s why I left out bigger companies.

I was really interested in countries such as England,  Ireland, USA and Canada… to discover the people, their way of living and working – and the country itself. Besides, working and living with native English speakers seemed very important to me – even if I’m also very happy to meet people who are not!

That’s why I started to look for a great web related company in one of these countries.

During my researches, I ran across StudioForty9, just elected as the best Supplier for 2017 in Ireland… which sounded really good for me. I got an interview with Gerard, the CEO, and I got really keen on this growing company. He was really interested in the fact that I have both technical and more managerial and business courses, and that is why he offered me a position as a Project Manager, in charge of a number of projects, as well as some more technical assignments along the way (WordPress Development, QA automation, etc.). StudioForty9 had never had any project management interns before.

This company turned out to be perfect for me, as it has been constantly growing for a few years, and especially this year. Moving from 10 to 20 employees, restructuring a Board of Directors, getting bigger clients, and, last but not least, always looking for the best practices, certifications or whatever element that could bring value to the company. In this context, they are really open to any suggestion, which is even more empowering for me.

My Main Hurdles

Before starting my internship, I feared the Irish accent and was wondering how I would be able to manage with it. To my great satisfaction, it worked out pretty well. I must add that each member of the company made me feel welcome and aided in my integration.

Then, the second thing I had to get used to was the number of projects I knew nothing about. As a matter of fact, I first had to learn and get used to the processes, as well as all the specific terms and technical environment. Then, when dealing with a new project, I need to get to know all the people involved (clients and developers), all the tools, third-party applications used by the clients and their integrations (payment gateways, Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) Systems, and so forth).

All things considered, this makes me improve my ability to learn by myself and be autonomous.

Last but not least, I’d mention that I’m proud to keep asking and being audacious, it’s worth it. The more I ask, the more I have new interesting missions given.

With a little hindsight, I would say that you always need to aim for something challenging. In short, I really enjoy taking part in the growth of an amazing company: it’s so valuable and rewarding for me!

Baptiste Debever
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