My First 3 Months in StudioForty9 – Jean Langford

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Having been with the team here at StudioForty9 for just over three months, the team collectively here have been above and beyond welcoming, encouraging, helpful, and approachable.

Before getting down to business to officially begin work, back in May I had the opportunity to have a unique two-day induction of sorts.

Day one took place at the StudioForty9 Client Conference, where I had the opportunity to meet the team, as well as most of our clients. This was essentially a crash course on both the collaborative and creative culture of StudioForty9, and on the services offered by the company. It was clear from day one that there is a shared focus within the team to deliver high quality work to clients for their ecommerce platforms, as well as developing and maintaining positive and healthy relationships with clients. I learned that consistent and open communication is key to working well and effectively as a member of the StudioForty9 team. Ensuring clients play a strong role in the creation, development, and rolling out of the work they request was one of the most notable take-aways from the day.

After having had a great introduction to the company from the Client Conference, I was really looking forward to my second day with the company – or second day of “Induction”. This was a team building day which took form as a circus workshop. This was great opportunity to get to know the team better and to build relationships with my fellow work colleagues before attending to work duties. It was also a great opportunity to learn how to juggle – which at the time I did not appreciate to have a two-fold benefit, but I soon learned this would also be an essential work skill.

Over my first three months I have learned a great deal about what is entailed in ecommerce development and performance. With this, I have gained great insight into the work involved to ensure that a website not only does what it should do, but that it performs to a high standard, delivers a positive user experience, and that it operates to the satisfaction of the client so that they can make the right decisions on what functions and features they require on a daily basis. This means ensuring that our clients have collaborated on specifying what it is they would like their platform to do, how they would like it to work, and that they understand it to the extent they need to in order to carry out further work on it from their end.

Ted Robinson, Kevin McCarthy and Jean Langford at the REI Ecommerce Event in Dublin

My background prior to working at StudioForty9 would have had a stronger focus around content creation, development, and management, as well as client relationship management. From three months here at StudioForty9 I have been fully immersed into the world of ecommerce and have developed a much stronger and rounder understanding of ecommerce platforms as a whole, their development, importance, and of what goes on behind the scenes to ensure that they perform and operate to meet the standards and requirements of the fast growing ecommerce environment today.

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