Payment Modules: A Beginning

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Getting a commission from Realex, Ireland’s biggest payment gateway, to produce a custom-built module for Magento to integrate with its services, was an exciting step in our ongoing exploration of the world of Magento extensions.

Knowing that it would be immediately used by online shops, even if only on our small little island, was an added encouragement to get things right.

The module provides 2 modes of use for the client. Realex Redirect transfers the customer from the Magento merchant site to Realex’s server for credit card payment. Realex Remote, takes the credit card details on the Magento site and communicates seamlessly with Realex to verify or refuse payment. It allows customers to use a number of different credit cards and currencies and clients can defer settlement of payment or settle immediately.

We have subsquently extended the module to enable 3D Secure authentication. This module is currently undergoing rigorous testing and we hope to release it to the world soon. Watch this space for further developments.

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Alan Morkan
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